Power Wheelchair

Product Description

Do you have a mobility issue that is making it difficult for you to visit your favorite shopping malls, markets, outdoor events and even your loved ones? The revolutionary lightweight electric wheelchair may be just what you’re missing!

  • It’s Lightweight & Foldable to a Compact Size – Fits virtually Anywhere
  • It uses Non-Memory Effect Batteries that can be Charged Anytime
  • It has Dual Wheel Motors with Direct Drive for Amazing Power
  • It uses Brushless Motors that are More Efficient than Brushed Motors
  • It Costs Substantially Less than any of its Competitors
  • It Has Replacement Parts are very affordable on any budget
  • It Requires Very Little Maintenance and is easily serviced
  • It is Much More Stable than a wobbly 3 Wheel Scooter


Weighing only 50 pounds, the Wheelchair is the most convenient, innovative and portable mobility device on the market. For it’s light weight, it is also extremely durable, being able to support passengers weighing up to 250 pounds!


The Wheelchair is easy to fold & extremely convenient for traveling in any type of vehicle whether it’s a Car, Truck, SUV, Taxi, Bus, Train, Cruise Ship or Airplane. The Wheelchair easily folds up and stores in any car trunk and you will never need to buy an expensive lift for your car and go through the trouble of having it installed.


Q: What does the Wheelchair come with?
A: The Wheelchair comes with a set of batteries, a charger, a joystick, an instructional DVD and product manual.


Q: How much does Wheelchair weigh?

A: The Wheelchair weighs 50 lbs (23 kilograms).


Q: How much do the Wheelchair batteries weigh?

A: The Wheelchair  batteries each weigh 3.7 lbs (1.68 kilograms). 


Q: Does the Wheelchair come with batteries & how many do I need?

A: The Wheelchair  comes with a set of two batteries.  Both are needed to operate the device.


Q: Does the Wheelchair come with a power charger?

A: Yes, your Wheelchaircomes with a power charger.  An additional charger can be ordered if you would like to keep one in one location (your home) and another in a different location you visit often (work/office), so you do not need to bring it with you.


Q: Do I need to take any precautions when charging the Wheelchair ?

A: You must ensure that the Wheelchair is Powered OFF when charging, otherwise you may damage the Wheelchair, its batteries, electronic components and void the warranty.


Q: Can I travel on an Airplane with the Wheelchair ?

A: Yes!  You will need to check the Wheelchair  into the airplanes baggage compartment.  You will NOT be able to check it with the Lithium Ion batteries inside the device. You WILL have to take the batteries out and store them into your Carry On luggage. 


Q: How long does it take to charge the battery from empty to full?

A: It takes approximately 5 hours to charge the Wheelchair battery from empty to full. We recommend that you charge your Wheelchair nightly to ensure that you have a full battery charge for the following day.