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Care4 Health Medical is experience leader in health and care product in China and widely-recognized provider of custom foot orthotics and premium quality custom footwear and we have been providing our clients with a variety of foot health solutions.


We specialize in the prevention and treatment of many foot problems. A properly-fitted foot orthotics can help diabetic patients to reduce knee pain, lower back pain by realigning your feet into the most anatomically efficient position for your body. The use of correctly-fitted foot orthotics may prevent the need for future surgery while helping you to maintain and enjoy the lifestyle and activities you care about.



Our Services


Custom orthotics are designed to fit into your shoes as easily and comfortably as an insole, with the advantage of having been shaped from imprints of your feet. We don’t just focus on orthotics alone. Our technicians will take into consideration the types of footwear you typically use as well the range of activities that you normally participate in. Designed to suit your specific needs and requirements, our

aim is to ensure that your orthotics as:


Walk better with less pain

Improve your posture

Avoid foot, knee or back surgery

Maximize comfort

Diabetic insole provides a better solution to diabetic patient

For comfort level of the foot ,and also off load of high pressure points area ,reduce the shock absorb

impact forces And redistribute pressure on your feet, and help diabetic patients to reduce and prevent ulcers,

callus and skin problem


Foot Step to Right Care System




3D laser foot scanner


The 3D laser foot scanner combines the best of 3D and 2D scanning. The scanner generates 3D foot shape files including the foot texture. The scanner captures data directly from the patients’ foot in weight, semi-weight or no-weight baring position. It obtains accurate 3D surface scans of a patient’s foot in less than 7 seconds. The scanner creates a full 3D image that will give the best foot texture and best basis in the designing of your orthotics. From our online CAD program with this new generation foot scanner that changes the way we capture people’s feet for their comfort.




The pressure plate especially suites for documentation of the foot status before care and treatment.

Foot pressure measuring plate offers easy recording of static and dynamic pressure distribution under the foot.



Data Scanning/Analysis pressure plate & insole design



The captured pressure load of foot can be evaluated using the displays of the maximum values as well as the load impulse under the foot.The foot orthotics can be designed base on 3D foot and pressure data, a wide range of corrective, supportive modules can be loaded from our data, modified and applied on the insole to manufacture your accommodative and functional foot insole. The foot orthotics is designed in a very efficient way on top and bottom side. The two side milling assures the highest possible milling quality so that the insole will fit well into the shoe.



Insole Production and Quality Control


We manufacture our custom orthotics from patients’, and the foot orthotics is made by specialized EVA comfort material, comfortable and durable to last longer and all the biomechanics of the foot are considered while fulfilling your prescriptions.


Our quality assurance program creates a standard of excellence. This insures that your each patients’ orthotics is accurate every time. The entire team at care4 health is dedicated to your total satisfaction. We are proud of the products we produce and equally proud that our clients feel the same way.





Outside Order Process


At Care4 Health experiences comfort step by step with our custom made insoles. Our philosophy is that we can deliver the material and work that is meeting your needs. Place a pair of comfort, sport, and diabetic & orthopedic insoles into your favorite Shoe.

Insoles provide balance, support and strategic cushioning, so feel your best when you’re on your feet. Best of all, your insoles are completely removable, perfect for customizing your level of comfort.

Our EVA is a unique mixture of raw materials combined with a fully computer controlled blending and manufacturing process.

EVA is an excellent material for use as a base material for covered foot orthotics or as a finished device and higher density gives more control of the foot while lower density offers higher comfort.

Insoles change the internal space of your shoe, or your footwear volume. So consider whether you need high or low-cut insoles. For example, those with wide feet generally benefit from a low-volume insole. Also consider the heel cup and arch type. Insoles are available in specialized sizes for men or women as well as children.